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The Environmental Health Division of the Norwood City Health Department concentrates on activities and inspections of facilities that are utilized by the general public.   Registered Sanitarian Brian Williamson heads the division and inspects restaurants, grocery stores, public swimming pools, schools and other public facilities.  The division also protects the health of residents and visitors by tracking animal bites and the quarantine of those animals.


Household Hazardous Waste Program

The popular Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program will continue.

For more information visit the  HHW Program website.


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Animal Bites
If an animal of any kind bites a human being breaking the skin, the bite must be reported to the local health department within 24 hours for investigation.  This is reportable in order to assure that the animal does not have rabies and is up-to-date on required  vaccinations to protect the person bitten.  Any animal that has bitten a human being is quarantined in the owner’s home for a period of 10 days.  The animal may not come into contact with anyone other than the owner(s) during that time and must be under full control of the owner when outside (example:  on a leash or inside a fence) as necessary.   The owner of the animal is required to provide proof of registration as necessary as well as proof of rabies vaccination.  If the animal has not received rabies vaccination prior to the bite, the rabies vaccination must be postponed until after the 10 day quarantine period.  Environmental Health staff will observe the animal over the quarantine period to      assure that the animal does not exhibit signs of rabies. 

To report an animal bite, contact the Norwood City Health Department at (513) 458-4600 or complete the form below and bring to the health department facility located at 2059 Sherman Avenue or fax the form to (513) 458-4606.    

Environmental Health Facts

The Norwood City Health Department is required by law to establish fees for the licensing and inspection of Food Service Operations, Retail Food Establishments and Plan Review each year based upon the cost of providing those services locally.  An annual cost analysis is performed each fall using data from the previous year to establish the licensing fees.  A “District Licensing Council” comprised of various license holders reviews the documentation and approves the proposed fees to be presented to the Board of Health.  Once the Board of Health approves the cost analysis and the proposed fees, a Public Hearing is scheduled and each Norwood food and vending license holder is notified of the date and proposed fee structure.  In addition, a copy of the cost analysis must be filed with the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Agriculture for review and accuracy.  The Board hears comments on the proposed fees at the Public Hearing (either in person or written) and begins the process of three readings  of the proposed regulation.  Following adoption of the proposed fees by the Board of Health, applications for food and vending licenses are mailed to each license holder.   License fees must be postmarked by March 1st each year or are subject to a 25% late fee.

A similar process is used to calculate public swimming pool fees, but a Public Hearing is not required.  Local health departments may not charge fees in excess of the cost of administering the swimming pool program.  Only public swimming pools must obtain a license. 

Animal bites of any kind must be reported to the local health department.  A registered sanitarian will investigate to make sure that the animal is in good health, has the required immunizations and will quarantine the animal for 10 days to assure that the animal does not have rabies. 

The Norwood City Health Department also inspects all school buildings at least once a year.    




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