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Norwood Health Department Handicap Parking

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In 1992, the City of Norwood authorized a “Handicap Parking Sign Program” for Norwood residents.  This program permits the placement of restricted Handicap Parking signs on city streets in front of individual homes following placement approval by the Handicap Parking Sign Committee.


Established in 1992, the Handicap Parking Sign Program provides for the placement of a handicap parking sign in front of homes of handicapped individuals who have made application for placement and approved by the Handicap Parking Sign Committee.  The objectives of the program are:

        To provide an understanding of handicapped conditions that prevent/restrict normal activity or movement

        To encourage sensitivity to the needs of the handicapped individual and his/her family

        To provide knowledge that enables an intelligent distinction to be made regarding handicapped conditions and physical environments

        To contribute toward the personal independence of the handicapped

        To make decisions regarding the approval of individual handicapped parking signs on public streets to Norwood residents in a uniform and unbiased manner

Norwood City Council established criteria for the placement of handicap parking signs to justify reserving public street space for private use.  Members of the committee use those criteria to determine if a resident meets those guidelines for sign placement.

The Handicap Parking Sign Committee is comprised of three Norwood volunteer residents.  The committee meets as often as needed at the Norwood City Health   Department.  The Health Commissioner acts Chair, but votes only on the tie of members. 


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How do I apply for a handicap parking sign in front of my house?

An application must be completed to initiate the request for the placement of a handicap parking sign.  The application can be downloaded by clicking on the “Application” button on the right.  You can also pick up an application at the Norwood City Health Department or an application can be mailed to your residence upon request.

Applicants must have a “Handicapped Placard” issued by the State of Ohio Bureau of   Motor Vehicles.  To download an application for a handicap placard, go to:

Once we receive your application, a letter is mailed to your physician to verify your handicapping condition.  A nurse from the health department will call to arrange a visit to your home in order to fully understand your condition and to obtain information about the residence (number of steps, driveway or not, etc.).  She will complete a “Home Visit Report” that will be used by the Handicap Parking Sign Committee during their deliberations.  Decisions by the committee will be based solely on the applicant meeting the criteria established by City Council.  Applicants will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.

If the application is denied, the reason for the denial shall be in writing.  The applicant     can appeal the decision of the Handicap Parking Committee in writing within 15 days of     receipt of the notice of denial.  The appeal should be mailed to:

Norwood Handicap Parking Committee
c/o Norwood City Health Department
2059 Sherman Avenue
Norwood, OH 45212

You will be notified when the appeal will be heard so that additional evidence can be presented to the committee for their consideration. 



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