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To prevent the spread of disease; promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors and protect our environment, residents and visitors from harmful effects of pollutants and diseases.

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2059 Sherman Avenue, Norwood, Ohio 45212

Phone (513) 458-4600
Fax (513) 458-4606



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The Norwood City Health Department investigates about 1,800 complaints each year, ranging from high grass and early garbage set out to lack of heat and substandard living conditions.  We examine each complaint for merit, issue orders as necessary and track the violation until corrected.

In addition, the Nuisance Division is responsible for water testing.



The Norwood City Health Department enforces laws that have been adopted by Norwood City Council and gathered into a publication called the “Norwood Codified Ordinances.”  Ordinances passed since January 1, 2004 can be viewed at:

When complaints are received, a form is completed that includes address of the alleged complaint, the specifics of the complaint, and the owner and/or occupant name if known.  While we prefer to have the name and contact of the person registering the complaint (so that we can follow up for additional information, if necessary) we do take complaints      anonymously.  The complaint is logged into our computer system and assigned a complaint number for tracking.  The complaint is then assigned to an inspector who investigates the complaint, issues orders if necessary and continues to investigate until the violation is resolved. 


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Animal Trapping

Many of the complaints we receive are for animals running at-large or wild animals taking over a neighborhood.  We have several “Have-A- Heart” traps on hand for your personal use.  These traps do not harm the animal in any way.  Residents may request to use the traps by coming to the health department facility at 2059 Sherman Avenue and completing an agreement to return the trap.  For information, contact us at (513) 458-4600.

Water Testing

The Norwood City Health Department conducts routine testing of drinking water 365 days a year for free and total chlorine in order to assure the quality of our drinking water. 

In addition, personnel from the health department test 20 sites each month throughout the city for bacterial as required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA).  These sites must include a variety of users including homes, businesses and government buildings located throughout the city.  Each week, we collect five samples for bacteria and then take them to the Cincinnati Health Department Central Laboratory for testing.  As long as the samples are negative, citizens are not even aware that this testing takes place.  If any of the samples are positive for bacteria, we conduct further testing to determine the source of the contamination.  At this time, the public would be notified to boil their water until further notice. 

We also test for by-products of chlorination every other month (total trihalomethanes and 5 different haloacetic acids) at 8 sites in strategic locations within the city as required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).  These very specialized tests assure that as chlorine degrades or breaks down when not used, they do not accumulate in large amounts.

Every three years the Norwood City Health Department collects water samples and tests for the presence of lead and copper in our water.  Because of the age of our infrastructure, many of the pipes that run underground bringing water to our homes are made of lead.  Once inside our homes, the water flows through copper pipes.  There is a potential for lead and copper to be absorbed into our drinking water, especially if water sits in pipes for long periods of time.

Each year, every water consumer receives a printed report on the quality of our water and the results of testing.  Entitled the “Consumer Confidence Report,” this document is mailed in June each year to each person who receives a water bill on file with the Norwood Water Department.  To view the latest version of the report, click on the link above. 




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