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Norwood Health Department Recycling

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The City of Norwood is committed to increasing the rates of recycling in our community.  Beginning in 2007, all Norwood residents were provided a red recycling bin at their residence for automatic recycling service through our garbage contract.  The red recycling bin can be set at the curb at the same time as regular garbage cans for recycling pickup on collection day.  You can recycle the following items in your curbside bin:

        Plastic bottles and jugs (remove lids)
        Glass jars and bottles (remove lids)
        Aluminum and steel cans
        Empty steel aerosol can (remove tips)
        Phone books
        Brown paper bags
        Junk mail and envelopes
        Office paper
        Cardboard (cut or fold into 2 foot by 2 foot pieces)
        Paperboard such as cereal boxes or boxes of processed foods

Please do not put pizza boxes (contain too much grease), plastic bags or Styrofoam into your recycle bin.  (Kroger and WalMart currently accept plastic bags for recycling at their stores.)


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It is illegal to remove items from recycling bins, either on private property or at the curb.  The City of Norwood receives grant funds to increase recycling based on the amount recycled, so taking items from residents’ recycling bins in just like stealing from the city.  It is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by a $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail.

The City of Norwood also conducts several “Special Collection Events” throughout the year, including 3 “Tire Drop Off” days and 1 – 2 “Appliance Recycling” events.  Residents are able to drop off old tires, either on or off the rim, during our “Tire Drop Off” events.  Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers can be dropped off for Freon removal and eventual recycling during our “Appliance Recycling” event.  Watch for announcements of these events on our Home Page under “HOT TOPICS,” on the Norwood Community Bulletin Board on cable TV and banners on City Hall.  You can also contact the Norwood City Health Department at (513) 458-4600 or Norwood Public Works at (513) 458-4615 to obtain recycling dates for 2012.


Recycling saves energy and resources
        Every ton of paper made from recycled material saves 17 trees, 6.953 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, 587 pounds of air pollution, 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space and 4,077 kilowatt hours of energy

        In one year, recycling allows aluminum companies to save the equivalent of more than 19 million barrels of oil – enough energy to supply electricity to about 18 million households for a year

        Recycling one glass bottle or jar saves enough electricity to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours

        Recycling one pound of steel can power a 60-watt light bulb for more than a day

        Recycling one tom of plastic saves the equivalent of 1,000 to 2,000 gallons of gasoline

Recycling decreases pollution

·        Making cars from recycled aluminum decreases related air pollution by 95%

        Making recycled paper generated 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution, and uses 64% less energy than making paper from virgin timber

Recycling decreases tree cutting

·        If all morning newspapers in the US were recycled for one day, the equivalent of 41,000 trees would be saved and 6 million tons of waste would never end up in landfills

        Every person in the US receives junk mail that represents the equivalent of 1.5 trees a year.  If only 100,000 people stopped their junk mail, as many as 150,000 trees annually would not be cut down for paper productions.  One tree can filter up to 60 pounds of pollutants from the air each year.  To remove your name from junk mail lists, contact:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY  11735-9008

Recycling reduces reliance on imported oil

        Motor oil never wears out, it just gets dirty.  Oil can be recycled, re-refined and used again, reducing our reliance on imported oil.  To locate a motor oil recycling drop off near you, visit

Recycling reduces our reliance on landfills

·        In 2001, Hamilton County residents diverted 35,900 tons of material from the landfill by recycling at home

        In 2007, Norwood residents diverted nearly 800 tons of material from the landfill by recycling at home

        The recycling industry supports 4.3% of jobs in Ohio.  Recycling supports 3,177 business establishments in Ohio, employing 98,302 people

        The average wage paid by Ohio’s recycling industry is $36,600

        Ohio’s recycling industry annual sales reached $22.5 billion

For information on where hazardous household wastes such as fluorescent bulbs, lawn and pool chemicals, motor oil and other household wastes can be recycled, visit:

Yard Waste Recycling

Yard waste may be placed at the curb for composting from April 1st through November 30th each year.  At other times, yard waste will be collected as regular garbage.

Yard waste must be contained either in brown lawn bags or in large Rumpke bins beginning August 1, 2007.  The Norwood City Health Department provides free lawn/leaf bags for Norwood residents to encourage yard waste recycling.  Bring proof of residency with you to the health department facility to receive your free lawn/leaf bags.

Brush for recycling must be bundled in lengths no bigger than 4 feet with a diameter or   12 inches or less.  Bundles of brush should not weigh more than 70 pounds.

Christmas trees will be collected at the curb for recycling/composting during the first two weeks of January on the regular day of garbage/recycling pick up.



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